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Drawn Out Exhibition


An exhibition of illustrated type by "Yet Another Collective"
19th Sept - 4th Oct 2014 Upper Gallery

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NSFW 24th March - 4th April 2105


A solo exhibition by artist Spike Dennis
The exhibition featured interactive hand embroidered objects and short films featuring Spike's glove puppets.

Contains explicit content

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Pixel Dust 14th June - 12th July 2014


Debut Solo show by local designer Jonathan Ball, AKA Poked Studio is now on display in the Upper Gallery at The SHO. Jonathan Ball is an illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Cardiff on a diet of pixel dust. Inspired by lo-brow art forms such as cartoons, retro video games, urban art and cute monsters, he creates fantasy worlds and characters in vibrant colours and settings. Through his illustration business 'Poked Studio' he has worked for many international companies creating brands, ad campaigns, packaging, animations and video games. Although his works are often digitally created, he also dabbles in paint and pens. The exhibited collection will include new original paintings as well as a collection of digital designs.

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Misfit Love


Saturday 7th to 21st Sep

The first exhibition of original illustrations by gig poster designer & horror movie fanatic Adam Chard, AKA Croatoan Expect lovingly-inked zombies, monsters and video nasties; trash culture pumped through a rotten heart.

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EPIC- a show about mountains


17th 31st August 2013
EPIC - A show about mountains
A collection of illustrative works by Katy Christianson, Martha Ford and Dawn Cooper

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Fonzo Loves the UK


11 May - 11 June 2013

Fonzo Loves the UK by FreakStore with a great line up of artists including:

MapMap, David Bishop, Drilone, 64Colors, Rsin, Squink, Sergio Mancini, Burundanga Design, Chauskoskis, Ume Toys, Charles Rodriguez, Mr Mitote, Artmymind, Gabriel Carpio, Otto Bjorkik, Stu Witter, Camilla D Errico, Double Parlour, The Beast Brothers, Hugh Rose, Gerard MDS, Jeremiah Ketner, Daniel Fleres

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Christmas 2012


Christmas at the SHO 2012

Featuring many great artworks and design products alongside the "lunartik Mini Tea Tour' custom exhibition.

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Women In Black & White


7th Sep - 10th Oct 2012

Women in Black&White
Curated by Alice Randone exhibiting work by Sara Zanocchio & Sarah-Louise Wilkinson

Using different techniques they explore the complexity of the human being, the woman. Sara chooses essential lines, a little colour and extreme simplicity to find a symbolism that conveys the result of her contemplation to the viewer. Sarah-Louise becomes the subject of her own introspective analysis, letting the pinhole camera gradually capture the impressions of light on film over the course of the night. Private moments and intimate observations are beautifully portrayed in the work of these two young artists.

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4th Sep - 16th Sep 2012

A group exhibition by the 'Pack of Wolves' collective.

Exhibting original drawings by: Kimberly Adams, Spike Dennis, Layla Holzer, Amelia Johnstone, Faye Scott-Carrington, Chrissy Wallace

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18th August 2012

a custom toy show curated by Andy Kelly to raise money for charity.

The idea behind 'Dragons' was to get a whole bunch of great artists together to customise a Kidrobot Kracka.
Opening event was held on 18th August at The SHO-Cardiff

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Artflare 2


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4th August 2012

Songs and Stories
with Mikey Price and Phil Okwedy

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