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Pizza Boss

Dominate your pizza with the right pizza slicer!How and in what way you attack a dish depends very much on the dish in question. A salmon pudding, for example, should be eaten delicately. The same applies to most kinds of salad. But then there are those dishes which just beg to be dominated. They lie there on the plate, a little too salty, a little too fatty, a little too unhealthy, but at the same time so completely and wonderfully salty, fatty and unhealthy. And the boss of these dishes is of course the pizza.
A pizza does not just need to be eaten, it needs to be conquered. And how better to show your superiority over the pizza than by sawing it in two with a circular saw before you shove it in your mouth? But the pizza boss 3000 doesn't only look good in itself, it's also a pizza cutter with a super sharp blade, perfect for punishing the pizza by cutting it into bite-sized pieces for your ruler's mouth. Yum!

Facts about Pizza Boss 3000 Cutter:

Removable blade guard are for easier cleaning.

Size: 12 x 10 x 6 cm

Hand washing recommended

Packed in a colourful  gift-box.