Cat Bike Bell

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Cat Bike Bell

Simple brass bell 
with cat-titude

There’s no substitute for a good old-fashioned bicycle bell when you really want other people to get out of your way. The Cat Bike Bell uses centuries old, tried and trusted technology - A compact brass bell with a sprung thumb lever. Good and loud and guaranteed to startle even the most oblivious dog walker. Warn other road users before cat-astrophe strikes!
A great gift for feline obsessed cyclists - you know who you are!

Designed for cat-lovers by cat-lovers

53%Metal (Brass)0.028 Kg
A sustainable alloy, made of copper and zinc.
47%Metal (Stainless Steel)0.025 Kg
Highly recyclable. Will not rust or corrode.
Produced from partially or fully recycled material. Paper is fully recyclable.